2015 – 2016 Calendar of Events

Acme Accordion School
Semester Calendar

Acme Accordion School
Westmont, NJ
Dates for the 2015-2016 Acme Season

Please transfer these dates to your calendar.

September 8 – 13 Memory Project during lessons

October 1-24 ***Poster Contest- Theme Its Accordion Time
1-31 Acme Scholarship & AAMS Fundraiser Month
12 Mon WAC Haddon Heights Circlo Italian performance

November 1 Sun **Accordion Day with Mass Photo at 12 NOON **
Band and Club Performances 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

December 5 Sat ***W.P.A.O. Concert HADDON TOWNSHIP LIBRARY -2 PM
10 Thur Holiday Party for all ADULT ensembles. 8 PM
11 Fri Holiday Party for all CHILDRENS ensembles….? PM


January 1 – 15 Finalize all preparations for AAMS Festival. Hotel Reservations,
MAMTG registration & competition fees..AAMS Registyrations

February 6 Sat ***Practice MARATHON

March 4 Fri **Pre Contest Recital

April 1 Fri **AAMS Festival Begins–Marriott Hotel, Whippany,NJ
2 Sat **AAMS Festival –Marriott Hotel, Whippany, NJ
3 Sun **AAMS Festival -Marriott Hotel, Whippany, NJ

20 Wed WAC Sons of Italy performance – Westmont, NJ

May 1 Fri Final Performance/Achievement Award Deadline
9 to 14 ***May Jury Examination Week for all club members and students

June 4 Mon Open House and Awards Concerts for every group 11 Sat ***W.P.A.O. HADDON TOWNSHIP LIBRARY -2 PM

July 1-31 Relax by Enjoying extra Time with your Accordion
Enroll in specialized subject oriented lessons for the month.

August 3 Wed W.P.A.O. Gazebo Concert – Cape May 8 PM
Tentative Date- Date to be confirmed by Cape May in January 2016

Remember to turn in Performance Points as you earn them
Can be used for Performance Award** Can be used for Achievement Award***